We are not born of our own will
But we can still will happiness and fulfillment into being
The meanings of happiness, of being are broad
And the paths to them are infinite

I have sought many paths to fulfilment, of stamping out - gently - relentless unwilling energy and to summon instead a world replete in delight.
Strands of shared spirit are woven through our minds and bodies.

At first glance, we may seem separate entities, but tendrils of human contact tug this way and that. They forge across from an unseen world into our more familiar, tangible world.

The path I've embarked on sets out through both these spaces, on a motion grasping at an absolute truth, at happiness.

I seek to draw figures that illuminate you, to use my voice to share your tales such so they are amplified and resonate.
My clothes will magically embrace and awaken.
Even if I vanish, I will still persist through my art and the pursuit of love.

I create cocoons that harbour ideas, which in turn grow and evolve. The cocoons -enduring safe havens - are then passed on from one person to another, each shaping their contents from experience - of years, of love, or simply of being. Our journeys' ends are not visible at inception but our ideal world will emerge as we keep maturing and flourishing.


Satoshi Date is an artist born in Tokyo. Central Saint Martin`s graduate, is a creative director of his self-named art and design label.  Based in London, Satoshi Date works daily to blend art, music and clothing into his creations with a social and environmental theme.
His clothing has been used in a popular Sony web commercials and featured at Selfridges in London. Not only has he participated in London Fashion Week but also in fashion shows and exhibitions across Europe. He has been acclaimed by the Japanese Top 10 Music Group 'Ikimonogakari'. Most recently he has lectured at prestigious Kyoto Art University, Nara Women's University and Toho Music University.










現在、東日本大震災を機にロンドンで始まった日本支援活動「Sakura Front」や鳥取県において地域活性化を目指すNPOプロジェクト「未来」に参加し、活動の幅を広げている。